Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Big Smile.........

Well life has been good….well better then’s been awesome... L coming into my life has been perfect.... :-)

C is finally happy and really enjoying her time here. She has made friends and is out enjoying what Seattle has to offer with people her own age. Her smile is back and I am happy.

My job as always is going well, very happy and thankful I landed in such a good place.

I think I have found the most amazing man ever, yes I am talking about L… I have been enjoying my time with him so much. We have been spending most of our free time together, and I wouldn’t want it or have it any other way. Actually, I hate not being with hopefully those days are few and far between..hehehe.. I have spent some time with his mom and she is the cutest thing. I really like her and am starting to relax a bit around her. I have even been around her without L… woooo whooo… and it went well, I was nervous, but it went well. Now all I have to do is learn to speak Spanish.

One very embarrassing moment… while at dinner at L’s friend’s home, I was playing with the baby and running through the kitchen (with linoleum floors) in pantyhose… let me just say that isn’t a good idea.. anyways trying to get to the baby because I was afraid he’d hit his head on the chairs… I slipped and fell backwards and landed on my butt… in a skirt… and with L’s mom there…I felt like such a dork…lol…but everyone made me feel better and really took care of me… Mostly L, he is way sweet to me. The bad news is I am in a wrist brace for a couple of weeks…the right one at that… which is driving me NUTS.

From bachelorette parties, to wedding showers, to dinners with friends to music concerts, the last week has been busy in the most wonderful way.. I have been at L’s side through it all and have been able to see his life and meet many of his friends… it has been so wonderful…and he makes me so happy…. Oh… L took me to see two concerts this week… both were very good… Dead Can Dance… wow…just check them out if you get a chance…they are amazing… and Jaguares… a latin band.. didn’t understand any of the words.. but the music was great.. it made you get on your feet and move…. It was a lot of fun.

The only worry I have right at the moment is A and my friends in Houston… a hurricane is supposed to hit Friday and it is already at a 4, not good…it’s just a waiting game at this point and I don’t like it.. hoping it will shift or die out.. fingers crossed. Love you guys and you are all in my thoughts…big hugs to you..

Okay out for now.. will touch base later..

Hugs to all..

Monday, September 12, 2005

Good times!!

Catch up time..

Wow life has been amazingly awesome lately. Where to begin….

Ummm… job is going very well. I was doing a lot of work that wasn’t legal in nature and had to talk with my boss and now am doing a good balance of both admin/paralegal work… much much better.

C started school and has her spirit back… yiiippppeeee!!! A boy is already trying to “kick it” with her as she states …lol. As long as ‘kick it’ means hangin out I am ‘down with dat’…hehehhee. He does seem like a nice guy though so far. She has been to a couple of parties and out to the movies with him all within her first week of school. I knew she’d have no problem once school got here. She is a bit surprised with the homework load and the curriculum up here, it is considerably more then she is used to in Texas… she is beginning to understand why I wanted her out of the Texas education system.

A is doing well, enjoying school and playing football… I can’t wait to see him over the holidays. We are going to have so much fun!!

Well this summer went by rather quickly… maybe it was because I was enjoying it so much. An amazing man came into my life a couple of months ago and my world hasn’t been the same since. L & I have spent a lot of time together this summer… music concerts, cooking, the opera (yes the Opera (Wagner’s The Ring) and it was amazing), camping, hanging out with friends, eating and just being together. He is incredible, makes me feel so special… I enjoy him being in my life so much, and am hoping he will stick around for quite some time. I met his friends and family over the last couple of weeks and have had such a great time getting to know them and have so much fun spending time with them… They have all been so wonderful! I even met his mother… boy was I nervous!! I think all went well… I, for some reason couldn’t speak much to her.. I was afraid…. Lol… yes I couldn’t talk (I know it doesn’t happen often). I don’t know why I was afraid… she was/is such a sweet lady, very personable, full of love, smiles and good times and she seemed so happy to be with her two sons. I think it was just that I like L so much and was afraid if she didn’t like me….L might change his mind…lol.. I don’t know.. I was on my P’s & Q’s all night… L didn’t leave my side and made me very comfortable and as the night progressed I relaxed a bit… I hope to get to spend some more time with her before she heads back home… hopefully next time I won’t be as nervous. I am very happy with L and look forward to spending a lot of time with him from this point on. I know all of you would love him!!

Anyways, I know it’s short but just wanted to give you all a brief update.

Hugs & love to all of you in Texas and Ab in Afghanistan..

Remember to smile at someone today.. you may just change a life.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Chuggin' along

Okay lets see what’s going on….

Work is going well, I absolutely love my job. Stressful, hectic and ‘aaarrrgggghhhh’ sometimes, but never the less still awesome. It feels really good to walk into an office with people you like and enjoy working with, people that know how to have fun during the work day, yet know what is important. Ahhhh nice!!

Oh L introduced me to some very good reads.... (and lots of other things as well..but thats for later) The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, by Coleridge is absolutely fabulous. Be very careful in life of your actions, there are always consequences!! Anyways…I liked it so much I went and found a book of his works and read a couple of his other pieces. Christabel is another piece that I really enjoyed and found very interesting. However, I did read it about 3 times to make sure I was getting what I though out of it, because it really makes you wonder about yourself depending on how you see what he is trying to say. Give Coleridge a read, he is rather enjoyable.

But….but…but… another book that L introduced me to was The Little Prince.. omgoodness I loved it!!! I think every adult should read this book… I am serious!!! I could go on about this book for paragraphs, but I won’t! It really had so many lessons and eye openers and reminders that I think most tend to forget about as we get older. Just go get it, run, hurry, go get it now and read it and let me know if you love it.

Hmmm the weekend consisted of spending time with C, L and being outdoors.. it was such a beautiful weekend.. just perfect.

Let’s see Friday L & I went to the Underground Tour of Seattle and ended up leaving as the tour guide was horrible.. so instead we went to a comedy club, which turned out to be really good, with the exception of a 17 yr. old beginner. However, I must say it does take a lot to get up on stage and try to make lots of people laugh, so I give him credit for trying and hopefully in time he will get much better. But the funniest thing was this drunk girl sitting right at the stage. She seemed to have a remark or comment for every comedian on stage. Eventually the comedians ripped into her and started using her as the source of entertainment, at her expense of course. But you know she kinda asked for it…lol. Not only were the comedians saying things about or to her, so were people in the audience… it was quite entertaining.

Saturday was spent with C for the most part… shopping.. that girl loves shopping ahhhhh!!! I think the only thing she enjoys at the moment is eating and shopping…lol we tend to do a lot of that when she has to choice of how we spend our day…We did however go to Pike’s Place Grill and have breakfast… well I had breakfast she had lunch…but my point on that other then we had a good time is… they have never ending Belgium waffles… oh my oh my oh my…were they ever good, and they keep coming until you just can’t take anymore. LOL… and the goose that she is begged me to take her to this little boutique as she saw something she just had to have… I drive her over then and the only thing I can find is a pet store…. Ah ha!! Yes, something was there that she wanted, but it definitely couldn’t be worn. Round one… I win… no puppy!! Later that evening caught up with L for a bit and had a nice time.

Okay so Sunday I had to be outdoors!!! C & I went to Greenlake with blanket and books in hand. I ended up watching the free throw disc tourney… man what people can do with a Frisbee. There was one guy from Italy that did things I never knew could be done with a Frisbee…at that point, my book went down and I had to watch the competition. C was sitting in the shade a few feet away from me reading. A few moments later she was by my side as a guy approached her and wanted to conversate about her book and who she was.. she got a little freaked and came quickly to mom… Glad to know I am still needed in her life for something…lol. I told her to get used to it.. she is a beautiful girl and will be approached a lot. Oh the agony of the weekend… our softball game.. we got our booottteeeees kicked and then stomped into the ground… the score was like 17 to 2 or something like that the last time I checked… I knew going in we would probably lose to this team, as I have watched them and they are good…but not a lose by 15, 18, 20 whatever it was…lol. Fun times however! Whuahahahahaa that’s okay we will see them in the playoffs and they better be afraid…whuahahahahaha. Stopped by L’s for a bit after the game, had dinner and then home I went.

Guess what???? Okay okay..L & I am going to Coldplay in two weeks, sssssssswwwwwweeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttt! I am so excited about that!!! It is going to be so much fun.

Well I am finally going to get back on track with my workouts.. as I am now in a competition… which obviously as you all know me…lol… I will win, no doubts about it.. Really though, yes 3 months to see who becomes the fittest and who reaches their goal… no problem right.. I am not that far gone….. I hope..

Well this week so far is going well… nothing majorly exciting. Just the norm of life… but you know life is pretty amazing… so I guess that is pretty exciting huh! Oh and have had contact from a couple of old friends (not from Texas though) which was great...

Okay my sushi has arrived (thanks V..I am addicted, still working on the chopsticks need to eat..

Hugs all and smile at someone today.. they might just need it.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Weekend update.....

Geeeze going back to work full time really puts a damper on my weekends…. how did they get so short? I petition for 4 ten hour workdays and weekends beginning at 7:00 p.m. on Thursdays…lol

Anyways, finally went dancing…so needed to do that. Caught Deep Dish on Friday night, they were really good, I enjoyed them much. I had to bribe E to go with me, because she didn’t think this was her kind of thing… but she seemed to really enjoy herself once I got her there. Also, met up with L, while I was there and had a great time. E however, pulled something that wasn’t very nice and well basically rude to L and it didn’t set well with me at all. She doesn’t seem to be a big fan of L, but really has no reason to make any judgments… anyways it was a bit of an odd night as far as those two went. However, I did get to dance and lose myself in the music for a bit and it was nice. I definitely need to go dancing more often, it is such a release for me.

One thing I don’t like though is guys dancing all up on you, trying to grind you, pulling you into them… aaaahhhh it irritates me… if I want to be on top of you grinding you, it won’t be on the dance floor. I try very politely to remove hands, push them away, shake my head no and move away from them and the don’t take the hint. So I have decided to get me a mini streetwise stun baton…. Attaches around your wrist and fits in the palm of your hand…. So the next time someone starts trying to grind on me on the dance floor and doesn’t take NO for an answer, well just say he’ll be quite shocked at my second response. I mean where do guys get off thinking a girl wants to be handled like that on the dance floor… I am not there for you to get your jollies off…. Done venting…lol

Let’s see… moving into Saturday without much sleep. Went to the Bite of Seattle with L, it was so nice, the day was beautiful and we had a good time. Then we went to Kerry Park at the top of QA to sit and enjoy the day…. Oh my goodness the view of the city with Mt. Rainier floating in the sky behind it was absolutely gorgeous. I think I could have sat there for hours just staring at it. The mountain literally looks as if the sky was someone’s canvas and they began painting the mountain and just stopped, and now it just floats there…lol, it is really a cool sight to see. Then spent the rest of the day with C. Made her get outside and enjoy the sun, then we went shopping and then to dinner. We had a good time, love seeing her smile. She is starting to have a tough time, she needs to meet some people her age… must work on that.

Sunday, had brunch with E, an Englishman’s Breakfast or something… I didn’t care for it!!! Don’t like blood sausage, don’t like burnt toast, hate pork n beans, don’t do eggs sunny side up, hmmmm the bacon was good. It was quite funny, I made a comment about the beans tasting exactly like Van de Camps pork and beans, which I hate. The cook says no they are not those, they are a brand that is not sold in the states…. We special order them from Heinz….lol I started laughing b/c they do sell them in the states Heinz pork and beans are the cheaper version of VandeCamps pork and beans in Texas… but he says they have got to be something different, there is just no way they are the same…but by the taste of them…they are the same nasty bean product. In any event, I am not fond of the Englishman’s breakfast.

Found a really cool resale shop in Capital Hill a few weeks back, but really hadn’t had time to explore it… until Sunday… whoo hooooo I love resale shops. I found some really cool things and only looked at 3 racks of items b/c I realized I had to go… need to definitely hit that one again.. I like the things they have there.

Anyways off to a softball double header I went, had a blast with that. Ha!! Believe it or not two teams want me…lol… ‘have they seen me play?’ I am not horrible, but nothing great either. I am going to stick with the team I joined now and sub in on the other team for the remainder of the season and then decided who I want to play with next season…but, I need to practice, (as my wonderful daughter ever so graciously pointed out over and over and over again…lol) I used to actually be decent, in time I will be again. We lost by one point the first game, and won by 15 points the second game.. whooo hoooo! Met up with E for a bit to talk and then dinner and drinks with K and friends later that evening, it was good. Actually met a very interesting person from Canada and learned a lot of cool things about Seattle, which is always nice.

Abbi girl, got you emails, can’t wait for you to call. LOL… you are absolutely unbelievable….lol. Just remember have fun, be careful and hey what else do you have to do while you’re there….hehehehehe. Love ya, miss ya!! Can not wait for you to get here!!! Oh and will go get you some socks!!!! Hmmm will work on the other request for you also.

Okay, must get to work.

Life is good, enjoy it, smile, be happy and always kind to others!!! Hugs all.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Hey Hey everyone… yes it’s been awhile, yes I know there are cobwebs and tumbleweeds and I am sorry. But I am dusting them away and will try to be more diligent on keeping up with my blog. And yes for those who have asked, I AM STILL IN SEATTLE, and don’t plan on leaving!! I am having the time of my life!!

Life has been absolutely crazy in a totally awesome way over the last couple of months. Won’t try to back track to much, but will fill you in on the important things.

Let’s see…. I am finally settled!! Yeah!!! all fell into place in the middle of June. I live in one of the most amazing cities, let me tell you. My daughter is finally here, as well as my car and a few belongings I went back to Texas for. OMG… I landed in Texas and got off the plane, it was so hot, muggy and humid…. Ugh!!!! Didn’t miss Texas at all. The only two things in Texas I miss is my son (who I love very much and miss so), however he is doing well and the other is my wonderful friends who have supported me over the last 6 months (love you guys too). Other then that, I don’t expect to ever return to Texas to live.

Anyway took a road trip back to Seattle, through the middle of the US and saw some amazing sites. The Devils Canyon (??) was beautiful, want to go back and explore it some time. Well actually there were several places I want to go back to and if I can figure out how to post pictures on here I will, I have so many of the trip back. Anyways back in Seattle and settled and starting a freakin amazing job. I couldn’t have asked for a better job. I am really glad that I turned down a couple of others, b/c this one is perfect for me. Slowly getting my apartment in order, it’s been fun as we, my daughter and I have been doing it together. Oh driving around Seattle, now that is taken me some time to get used to…. Very steep inclines… I won’t even park my car on a hill yet…lol.

Have met some really cool people, have done some really cool things and am really really enjoying life right now. There is just so much to tell you all… in time, in time… I have done so much exploration over the last couple of months and will try to post my adventures soon… but for now I must work.

Just know that Seattle is absolutely amazing!!!! And know that I know my decision was right.
Oh one thing.... something new I tried... jellyfish, great taste, bad

Love & hugs to you all!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Music, basketball, party, date, party, winery, party, dancing, party, date, music, basketball, date, music, party, party, basketball, date, date, date, party, music, art, party, theater, date, music, dancing, date, baseball, basketball, basketball, party, date, date, party, music, winery, party, art, dinners, dates, new apartment, quasi-job, date, date, party, sleep deprivation

Well that pretty much sums up the last month of my life…..

Must sleep this week!! Need to recharge!!

Okay did finally get the apartment downtown. I need to go over there today to sign all papers and will be able to move in soon…. Yippppeeeee… hahaha now must find furniture…

I moved from my original roomie (whew finally) and have been staying with Phyllis this month, she is awesome…. I love her to pieces.

I have a quasi-job out in Bellevue… not happy about that at all!!! The pay isn’t great and the commute back and forth is horrible… baby steps I keep telling myself. Keep plugging away and I will find the job for me.

My computer access has been very limited, ergo no posts lately… but have a friend that has a computer I can have once I get settled in my place…will then post more often.

Listening to the new Beck... it's not bad!!!

T thanks for the advice of decorating… great suggestions!!

V no worries I am around and there are phones you know ;-)

Must run the day is beautiful….. must go and enjoy!!!

smile & hugs all!!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Sacrifice or not??

Wednesday I went to look at an apartment downtown. It was cute, lots of light, airy, but just a tad bit small for me. And it wouldn't have been the apartment I would have picked out if I were employed. But I am not and the price was right. Anyways the apartment just wouldn't work for me, so I told him thanks, but no thanks and explained why. He said he might have another coming available and asked if I would like to see it.... sure why not. The second one was much roomier and would work out. However, it has very few windows, ergo very little natural light and fresh air. And the view out the window is ..... a gray brick wall of the building next door. Well he could see that was a problem for me, so he offered it at the same price as the other unit. Okay, now I might be a bit more interested. The location of the apartment works great for my daughter and myself... a few blocks from the waterfront, pioneer square, Westlake Shopping, her school, downtown... and the price is ridiculously low. It is just the apartment has no view, is very dark and enclosed and I love scenery, sunshine and fresh air!!! Maybe he'd let me paint it yellow or something... hehehehe. Considering that he is considering letting me have the apartment without a job is a big factor though. And I need to find a place asap and would rather not get into another roommate situation. And I won't find a place with this location for the price. And it would only be for a year. Or wait it out, continue to search for a job, then the apartment I want, getting another roommate and taking the chance of not having anything resolved in 7 weeks time which is my deadline. Sacrifices must be made... huh??? Okay he just called me and left a message, I think I will call him back, go look at it one more time and see what I could do with the place.

Movies I have seen lately...

*Bad Education- subtitled, guys stay away from it, you won't like it, boys with boys, priest with boys, men with men... I think there was one woman in the whole movie and that was the mother of two of the boys/men. the movie however had many twists, contained murders, lies, drama, sex, made you think and was very sad.

*Mysteries of the Nile- informative, great scenery, reminder of how lazy we have become today

*Ms. Congeniality II- cute... I like Sandra Bullock... what can I say.

*Guess Who?- had its funny moments, the only thing playing and I wanted out of the rain for a bit

*Robots-cute, but the same old storyline, did like the music though

Had my first swing dance lesson Wednesday. Very fun and very comical. We shall see where I end up in 6 weeks. hahahahahahaha

A in Houston, one of my closest friends went out and bought a house Monday. It is something she has been debating on all year and something she has wanted for a long time. She called and told me yesterday and she sounded so happy, excited and proud of herself. I do miss those moments, I wish I could have been there with her to celebrate, but she knows my love is with her. And now Bailey her poochie has a place to play and I hear he is so excited as well.

Okay off to be productive today :-)


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Okay maybe promising!

Okay so I just had an experience that I'd have never thought would happen!

About an hour ago, I sent in a resume to a firm for a paralegal position. Within 5 minutes of receiving my resume this is the response I received:

Wow! Your resume is impressive. You have oodles & oodles of great experience. However, I can only pay XXX at this time. Would you even consider coming in for an interview?

lol... who uses oodles... I just found that funny!!!

Hmm... this was weird.... "would I consider atleast meeting with this firm" ha! that's a first. Well the money being offered was not what I was hoping to get, but it wasn't bad either. Especially at this point, it was doable. I responded back with "Yes, I would meet with the firm and discuss the position and the salary" I also informed her that she needed to clear me of conflicts as I had several cases with this firm's Houston office.

She replied: I will clear you of conflicts and get you in for an interview asap. Then she asked me what my normal salary requirements would be... she was just wondering.

So I responded with an amount that I felt was fair as far as my experience, what I was marketable at and what I felt I could do for the firm.

Her response: "We might be able to do that. Let me get you cleared and in here for an interview"

Okay, I felt like I walked into the twilight zone!! She seemed more excited about finding me, then I was about finding a potential position. :-) Asking me to consider an interview... possibly changing the salary... hmmmmm need to research the firm some more...

Well anyways another opportunity arises....I will ride it out and see where it goes.... keeping my fingers crossed!!

hugs all!!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Life went crazy there for a bit...

Well last week was one of the worst I have had in awhile and I will not write much about it as I am trying to erase it from memory...heheheheheee... lots of drama, lots of bad news, NO good news, many friends ill, problems from Houston..ugh as usual.. and a couple of bad dates! I am glad last week is over.

Oh and if another married man asks me out... I think I am going to quit dating... so frustrating!!! I have had a couple of guys ask me out over the last few weeks and luckily before meeting for coffee and drinks, they both came clean.... because I was "really nice and cool" and they decided they couldn't do that to me.... HELLO WHAT ABOUT YOUR WIVES!!!! Geezz is marriage not important anymore or what!! I thought marriage insinuated love, honesty, faithfulness and commitment to ONE.

And to top it all off... I was invited to go to Mt. Baker yesterday for Snowboarding lessons and due to problems with the roomie.... I couldn't go.......aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Inhale.......... exhale...........Onto a better week....

My daughter turns 16 today and I am missing out on it!! She is so special and I am so proud of her... my love goes out to her today!! However, I have arranged a couple of surprises for her today. I also rec'd a letter this weekend regarding her school placement here in Seattle, she did get into the school I wanted her in... yea!!!!

Missed my first Easter with my kids... not fun at all!

Well no job as of yet. I have heard from a firm I interviewed with, they wanted more information from me... so maybe that is promising.

Must find a job now more then ever... roomie and I don't see eye to eye and so I need to find another place quickly... would rather just get an apartment instead of another roommate situation.

Heard a band called Marmalade, they were pretty cool. They are an improv band and they really mix well with each other. Great energy and fun in their music! Plan on seeing them again.

I took myself to the Aquarium yesterday, it is pretty nice. I had a starfish suck my finger... hehehee...quite a weird feeling... Oh but the colors of the starfish, urchins and such were so beautiful. So many odd creatures in the waters.

Okay so two months into Seattle and my only really accomplishment was getting C enrolled into school for next term... this isn't looking good!

So I was asked this question by friends back in Houston- "What are you going to do if you don't get a job soon? Will you come home?............. my answer is NO.

I will make it! I never thought it would be a piece of cake! And I don't quit until all options have been exhausted.

smiles to you all today!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

And so......

After 3 interviews, writing samples and a salary discussion, I did not get the job. I did receive a very nice email an hour or so after the salary discussion, stating how great my qualifications were, my skills were exactly what they were looking for, my references all came back great, and it was a hard decision, flipflopping on the two candidates all morning, but they could only choose one. Disappointed... yes... but I believe things happen for a reason, so maybe there is something better coming my way...

Wierd things I observed or happened over the last couple of days...

a sign that said "Live Lady Bugs 5 for $10.00 dollars"- just wondering are they not seen up north often..

while having a beer at Floyds, two attractive men, early 30's , well dressed, playing, listening and choosing for the other their cell phone rings, the choice ended up being the Price is Right tune.... now I have seen kids, teenagers (male and female) and females in their early twenties do this, but just found it amusing that these two guys were doing this in a bar

Okay I have decided that here in Seattle men are afraid of women... you make eye contact and smile they run the other way... well somebody proved me wrong... a guy approached me and said "this is going to seem a bit radical but I just had to come over and tell you that you are a very fine lady" and then he took off... okay so not the best approach, but if you are going to build up the courage to come over and say that... you might as well atleast here the

Sitting in the park, people watching a guy passed by me and walked to the other side of the concrete pavillion, where most of the people I had been watching were sitting. So he stops and thinks for a bit and then continues walking across the pavillion, pausing in front or close to one particular girl. I watch other people and he crosses my path by walking back across, he looks as if he is pacing now. He walks around and stops, thinks, ponders something, stares at the trees or at the sky, and walks some more. He sits next to the girl for a few minutes, seems a bit nervous and gets up and starts walking my direction and stops. Walks around in circles for a bit and stops and thinks. I am thinking he obviously has something major bothering him. After a few minutes he begins to walk back toward the girl he was sitting next too. So I am thinking maybe he is wanting to approach her and he is shy and doesn't know how. He walks very close to her and stops, he then adjust his backpack and bends down to tie his shoe. He stands up and turns away from her and begins walking back toward me. I figure he couldn't build up the nerve to speak to her and so he is now leaving... So he gets about halfway between the girl and myself and he lifts his head just enough to catch me watching him, he stops. He just stands there for a moment and then proceeds my way. About 3 feet in front of me he stops and says "Hi my name is M and I was watching you from up there (pointing to a hill behind me) and just wanted to tell you hello". I kinda laugh as I would have never expected that... and so with all the effort the boy put into it I had say something so I said "nice to meet you M, my name is H and I am glad you said hello" It was so cute, he was so shy and worked up the nerve to talk to a girl.... I thought maybe this was his way of trying to pick up a girl and was a bit skeptical of him... but I talked to him for a few minutes and realized he was a very sweet yet a very shy boy (much younger then me, so I call them boys) so we talked for about a 1/2 hour and then I had to go on my way... It reminded me of a junior high dance... girls on one side, boys on the other and everyone to bashful to each other... It was a very sweet cute moment....he was a cute and very nice guy and I hope by atleast talking with him and giving him the time of day ...that his courage for the next time will be there.

Dating... well I have had a few dates... Twice with a guy from Europe, seems pretty cool, he has taken me to beautiful places around Seattle that I don't know that I would have ever found..... he just adores my which I don't really think I have... and he wants to see me again... ummm not sure about that... a couple of others from Seattle men, have had some great food and have been to see some great live music... but for some reason dating just isn't my thing right now... I think it has alot to do with me not being settled in my life right now and that is a priority for me!! Or maybe it is the men... unfortunately...none of them have really been able to grab my attention...

Well spring is definitely in the air... everywhere I turn I see love and new life... yeah I love spring, what a beautiful time.

Ab called and she is shipping off to Afganistan much earlier then expected, so absolutely no chance of seeing her again before she goes. I am going to miss her.

Well it seems that some of the people who were supporting me in the move, just did it thinking I would be back in Texas by now. As time passes they realize it is permanent and have decided that it is just to much trouble to maintain a friendship long distance.... how disappointing. A couple I kinda expected...but one in particular shocked me... it is sad that such a long and important friendship can be just cut off like that... I am still learning... K, A, & you guys, thanks for continuing the support...

Well I need to get another approach to this job searching as I wanted to be employed and in my own place by my birthday... doesn't seem like that is going to be happening.... I just feel my life is on hold.... need to find a job!!! So now I am at the point where I am wondering do I take a position that is below what I feel I am worth or do I stick it out a bit longer?????

Off to be productive today....

hugs all :-)